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    •  A Guide To Australian Dragons In Captivity
      Danny BrownProvides detailed information on all aspects of captive husbandry relating to the most commonly kept species of Australian dragon lizards including Bearded Dragons, Crevice and Rock Dragons, Two-lined Dragons,...

    •  A Guide to Australian Lizards in Captivity (A Guide to Reptiles & Amphibians)
      Danny BrownThis full colour, 952-page book provides the most comprehensive and detailed account of Australian lizard species on all aspects of captive husbandry relating to all species of Australian lizards-geckos, skinks,...

    •  A Guide to Australian Turtles in Captivity
      Australian Freshwater Turtles are quite unique when you compare them to other turtles throughout the world and their husbandry is equally so.  For decades the available husbandry guides were specifically aimed at...

    •  Crocodilians - Their Natural History & Captive Husbandry
      Ludwig Trutnau (Author), Ralf Sommerlad (Author)This book provides a wealth of new and old information about all aspects of crocodilians (evolution, taxonomy, physiology, anatomy, behavior, ecology, feeding, attacks on...

    •  Old world vipers: a natural history of the Azamiopinae, and Viperinae.
      Phelps, TonyA comprehensive and well illustrated reference. The species accounts illustrate the diversity of Old World Vipers, while providing important information on distribution, taxonomy, behaviour and ecology.$130 +...

    • 50 Common Reptiles & Amphibians of the Southwest
      Jonathan Hanson  (Author), Roseann Beggy Hanson (Author) f you want to be one of the privileged few to see a Gila monster or a desert tortoise, do you know their likely habitat or how they will react to...

    • A Guide to Australian Pythons in Captivity
      Adam ElliottThis 216-page title is the latest pet owner/breeder reference on Australian pythons in captivity to be published in Australia. Written by Adam Elliott, with contributing authors, Dr Robert Johnson presenting the...

    • A Guide To Australian Skinks In Captivity
       Danny Brown Provides detailed information on all aspects of captive husbandry relating to the most commonly kept species of Australian skink species including Blue-tongued and Shingleback Skinks, Burrowing Skinks,...

    • A Guide to Health and Disease in Reptiles and Amphibians
      Dr. Brendan Carmel (Author), Robert Johnson (Author)This 176-page title with 240 colour photographs is the only pet owner/breeder reference on health and diseases in reptiles and amphibians in captivity. All aspects...

    • A Life for Reptiles and Amphibians
      A huge volume of interviews from the who's who of modern Herpetology.  A fantastic read.

    • Amphibians and reptiles of the Seribuat Archipelago: (Peninsular Malaysia): a field guide.
      For centuries this archipelago served traders and mariners alike, but it wasn't until the mid 1960s that biological explorations began. Taxonomic keys, descriptions, and colour photographs make the identification of every...

    • An Introduction to the Amphibians and Reptiles of Tropical Asia
        Das, Indraneil. A great untroduction to the herps of this...

    • Asian Pitvipers: Breeding Experience & Wildlife
      Dick Visser Asian Pitvipers is a combination of travelling experiences, long-term breeding experience (Dick's as well as some other breeders') and data from the literature available. Among the photos some recently...

    • Ball Pythons : Their History, Natural History, Care and Breeding
      Tracy M. Barker David G. ; BarkerThe most detailed and comprehensive book ever written about one species of snake. Twenty chapters are devoted to general topics of interest and importance to keepers and breeders of ball...

    • Biology of Boas and Pythons
      Henderson, Robert W. and Robert Powell (Eds.).+ 438 pages, 30 contributions, 79 authors, over 200 color photographs, maps, figures, and drawings. The product of a symposium held at the joint meetings in Tampa, Florida, in...

    • Blue-Tongued Skinks
       David C. Wareham Blue-tongued skinks are unique reptiles that are popular among reptile enthusiast not only for their characteristic blue tongue, but also for their ease of keeping. The newest edition the highly...

    • Common Kingsnakes, A Natural History of 'Lampropeltis getula'
      Brian HubbsCovers all subspecies of kingsnakes. Discusses field techniques, management, ecology, and collection of kingsnakes, chapter on designer morphs, field stories and more. 560 photos, over 400 in color, over 40 range...

    • Complete Ball Python, A Comprehensive Guide to Care, Breeding, and Genetic Mutations
      Kevin McCurley Amateur hobbyist or professional breeder, this is a must have book. A comprehensive guide with chapters discussing the ball python in nature, captivity, diet, selection, understanding the ball python,...

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