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Exotic Pets. Experience the difference. 

You know, there are over 15 business in this town that sell reptiles and amphibians. A handful that sell arachnids, and only two that have permits to sell exotic mammals. And there's one thing that all but one have in common. If you add all the animals and reptile and exotic supplies of ALL OF THE OTHER STORES PUT TOGETHER they don't add up to the inventory at Exotic Pets. We have more animals. Period. We have more supplies, period. And we have the knowledge to back up and help you, or client. Ken, the owner bred his first snake at the age of 11. That's 45 years ago folks. I'm not saying he's old, but he has seen it all. All the trends, all the advances and all the new products, good and bad. Yes, he's a grumpy guy, but that's usually because he's busy, being the "hands on" kinda guy he is. Every animal and product is hand selected by Ken, all the way down to the feeders. Other team members include:

Troy: An old hand at keeping herps. Troy owned his own store in Ohio back in the day, and lives, breaths and sleeps reptiles. He's also a music performer and producer. And one of the nicest guys I've ever met. He truly cares and it shows every single day

Cesar: A local boy. He's so enthusiastic about his work. He's a very good herpetologist and is well on his way to being a great herpetologist. His knowledge of the local habitats of our native species is so impressive. And he's willing to share everything he knows with each and everyone that walks through the door.

Cody: Our newest member. Cody comes with a strong animal background, mainly with mammals and birds. He is a warm blooded expert and is in charge of our exotics department. He can give you the lowdown on all things warm blooded, and is expert at herps too.

So, more reasons to shop at Exotic Pets. More animals. Healthier animals. Animals you will rarely if ever see anyplace else. More drygoods and supplies. The lowest prices on feeders anywhere. And most of all, our knowledge. Years of experience combined togther to offer you the best shopping experience. You can buy with the confidence of knowing you have been set up with the right animal for you at the lowest possible price. And the knowledge and help for you AFTER the sale. Exotic Pets is 24 years old this year. We've been there, done that. The other 15+ stores in town that sell reptiles and amphibians don't hold a candle to the experience, selection, knowledge and integrity of Exotic Pets. Stop by and see the difference for yourselves. Thank you.

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