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  • TERRALOG: Turtles of the World, Vol. 1: Africa, Europe and Western Asia
    Holger VetteThis new entirely revised and expanded edition of the first volume of the TERRALOG Turtles of the World, portrays all valid taxa of chelonians inhabiting Africa, Europe and Western Asia.It ranges from the widely...

  • TERRALOG: Turtles of the World, Vol. 4 - East and South Asia
    Holger Vetter This volume of TERRALOG is a portrayal of the Chelonians of East and South Asia. Most members of the families Geoemydidae and Trionychidae inhabit the geographic range covered in this book, from Pakistan...

  • TERRALOG: Turtles of the World: Central and South America, Vol. 3 (English and German Edition)
    olger VetterCentral and South American turtles, including the impressive Galapagos tortoises as well as the various genera of the family Chelidae, are covered in this third volume of TERRALOG. It serves as supplement to...

  • Terrarium Animals from A to Z
    Oliver Drewes  Terrarium owners will find profiles of reptiles, amphibians, and even scorpions, spiders and insects. Frogs, lizards, snakes, turtles--virtually all creatures suitable for the terrarium are shown in more...

  • The Amphibians and Reptiles of Cyprus
    The definitive field guide and handbook of the amphibians and reptiles of Cyprus.After a general introduction to the island, the book features detailed accounts of every amphibian and reptile species in Cyprus,...

  • The Amphibians and Reptiles of the Western Sahara: An Atlas and Field Guide
    Philippe Geniez (Author), José Antonio Mateo (Author), Michel Geniez (Author), Jim Pether (Author), Wolfgang BöhmeWell illustrated guide to 50 species in a little known area, with an identification key. Species...

  • The Garter Snakes: Evolution and Ecology
     by Douglas A. Rossman (Author), Neil B. Ford (Author), Richard A. Seigel (Author)The Garter Snakes: Evolution And Ecology is a comprehensive survey of the genus Thamnophis, or common garter snake. The Garter Snakes...

  • The Tortoise Vol. 3 & 4
    A quarterly periodical for tortoise lovers.  Nature history, husbandry and more

  • The Tortoises and Turtles of Madagascar
    Miguel PedronoMadagascar has a rich and diverse reptile fauna including several species of chelonians that are found nowhere else. It is home to such spectacular species as the Radiated Tortoise, Astrochelys radiata, the...

  • Turtles of the United States and Canada Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email
    Carl H. ErnstErnst and Lovich’s thoroughly revised edition of this classic reference provides the most updated information ever assembled on the natural histories of North American turtles.From diminutive mud turtles...

  • Turtles of Venezuela (Contributions to herpetology)
    Peter Charles Howard Pritchard  (Author), Trebbau (Author) In addition to covering all species of turtles occuring in Venezuela, this book covers half of the turtles species of South America. 48 color...

  • Varanoid Lizards, Monitor Lizards (Terralog 6)
    Bernd Eidenmuller (Author), Hans-Dieter Philippen (Author)Monitors, beaded lizards and the monotypic family of the earless monitor, form the subject of this sixth volume of TERRALOG.The lizards portrayed in this volume...

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